August 28, 2018

On why raising capital should be a side effect of growth and the importance of finding the Magic Moment

Vic Singh speaks with startup triple threat Alex Iskold. As a three-time founder, investor in 90+ startups and engineer, Alex is passionate about helping early-stage founders build the next generation of companies and connecting entrepreneurs through a global network.

In this episode, Alex discusses the evolution of the semantic web, why he is bullish on blockchain for the enterprise and the new crop of personalized health startups focused on breakthrough technologies for health and longevity.

Alex also shares his perspective on how founders should approach fundraising, why he believes startups should stay scrappy and his advice for the Best Startup Hack.

Note: Just days after they spoke, Alex announced he is leaving his post at Techstars NYC after 5 years at the helm. The Eniac Team is excited to support him in his next venture.

August 8, 2018

On why he is bullish on full-stack hardtech startups and what founders should do the second they raise their Seed Round

Vic Singh speaks with Lior Susan, Founder and Partner of Eclipse Ventures, a leading investor in full stack companies, combining hardware and software with the data layer. Lior’s journey as a founder of a venture-backed hardtech Israeli startup with an outsized exit to Cisco, his time starting Lab IX at Flex to ultimately creating Eclipse offers a unique perspective as an investor in Silicon Valley.

In this episode, Lior talks about the “Broken Market” and why he believes the excess of capital is affecting the ecosystem and venture capital as a business. He gives advice to founders on how to think of fundraising like climbing mountains and what they should be doing the second they close their seed round to make sure they are on the right path to an A.

Lior also addresses his thoughts on what makes a winning company, what he thinks is the best and worst part about being a VC and some exciting news on the growth of Eclipse VC.

July 23, 2018

A podcast dedicated to all things startup & seed stage.

We’ll be serving up candid conversations with some of the most interesting founders, investors, and influencers to discuss the ups and downs of building an early-stage company, securing funding and what it takes to scale to the next level.

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July 13, 2018

The Myth of the Big Idea and looking Beyond the Resume

Tim Young speaks with Heather Hartnett, the CEO at Human Ventures. She was NYC’s first female-led start-up studio founder and her philanthropic background brings a unique approach to investing, helping set the firm apart with their Human Network approach.

In this episode, Heather speaks on the “Myth of the Big Idea” and how Human proactively looks at the zeitgeist to see what types of patterns and opportunities are starting to form. She gives the scoop on how this method redefines their thesis to focus on “Reinventing Life Stages,” looking at how each generation experiences life’s stages with unique lenses and what market opportunities each brings.

Heather also talks about Human’s new strategy, Beyond the Resume, born to evaluate founding teams beyond just experience and take into account dynamics and the multidimensional factors that are critical for success, yet so often overlooked at the early stage.

July 12, 2018

On company culture & how his role as CEO changes every 6 months

Hadley Harris speaks with Chieh Huang, the co-founder & CEO of Boxed, an early Eniac company and one of Bloomberg’s Top 50 people to watch in 2018. Chieh is a charismatic, natural born leader, and his passion and dedication have grown Boxed from his parent’s garage to raising over $130M with hundreds of employees.

In this episode, he digs into his journey to Boxed, from his start as a lawyer to co-founding Astro Ape which sold to Zynga in a few short years. He speaks candidly about how his role as CEO changes every 6 months, the most important qualities when working with co-founders and how to recalibrate as the company grows.

Boxed sets itself apart with a vibrant culture and Chieh speaks to why it’s critical to keep employees motivated and how they adapted benefits to fit the distinct needs of employees, such as tuition and wedding costs.

July 11, 2018

On spotting the Thunder Lizards before they hatch

Nihal Mehta kicks off Seed to Scale’s opening episode with one of VC’s most prominent investors Mike Maples, the founding partner of Floodgate. Mike has backed some of the most well-known tech companies today, including Twitter,, Lyft, Okta, Chegg, Demandforce, among many others.

In this episode, Mike talks about his journey from being an entrepreneur in junior high writing video games to being a founder of two IPO companies, Tivoli and Motiv, and how his pivot to investor was his way to remain close to startups in order to “stay forever young.”

He gives advice to investors on the importance of making randomness your friend and to remember you don’t have a monopoly on truth.

Mike also digs into his role of spotting the Thunder Lizards before they hatch, what he believes makes a good founder: “They want to start a movement, not just a company,” and his biggest red flag.

June 28, 2018

Eniac leads MedCrypt in $1.9M seed round to scale cryptographically embedded software for medical devices

June 28, 2018

By Tim Young, Eniac Founding General Partner

We are excited to announce the latest company to join the Eniac portfolio: MedCrypt, a San Diego-based company that provides cryptographically embedded cybersecurity software for medical devices.

Cyber attacks are a growing epidemic and the wake of damages is expected to reach upwards of $6T annually by 2021. In healthcare, cyberattacks can mean life or death, and FortiGuard Labs reported that healthcare organizations experience more than twice the number of attacks on average as compared to organizations in other vertical markets. This has gained the attention of top medical device manufacturers and the FDA, which recently released their Medical Device Safety Action Plan.

MedCrypt’s cryptographically embedded security software enables medical device companies to secure and monitor the behavior of their devices and meet the new FDA cybersecurity regulations. MedCrypt will also be uniquely positioned to acquire and leverage a proprietary, cross-platform dataset providing device companies, hospitals, and medical facility security teams with a more robust solution to monitor and protect in real-time.

June 12, 2018

By The Eniac Team

Eniac Ventures was founded on values of diversity, beginning with our internal team. We firmly believe the world’s best innovation stems from the most diverse perspectives, and we’re proud to be a pledge partner with #MovingForward.

Eniac has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination or harassment of any type towards and by our employees, our portfolio founders and their employees, consultants, vendors, and other service providers.

May 8, 2018

Check out our latest news from Team Eniac and our Founders, including our experience at TED Age of Amazement in Vancouver, new funding announcements, product launches and upcoming events.