November 9, 2017

Eniac Ventures has grown!

By The Eniac Partners

In many years in the industry helping our founders grow their own businesses and find success, we’ve continued to look for ways to be more strategic, improve processes, streamline efforts and help our portfolio get the support they needed outside traditional term sheets and cap tables.

We care about the people we invest in and with our latest fund, we’ve launched the Eniac Platform. It was born because we want our founders to focus on making their product the best in the world, and to make that happen, we are offering to provide hands-on support ranging from recruiting, operational resources, business development, exclusive networking, marketing and PR and fundraising advisory — rare resources for a seed-stage firm. But coming from our diverse backgrounds of starting and scaling companies each ourselves, we know what it is like to be stretched dangerously thin and scrambling for reliable resources. We want to offer our founders the best possible experience, we want them to succeed.