July 16, 2020

The Eniac Deal Process

By Vic Singh, Founding General Partner at Eniac Ventures and Kristin McDonald, Investor

Given venture firms can be somewhat opaque in how they process deals, coupled with the fact that the Eniac deal process is fairly unique, we wrote this post to provide founders with an in depth look at our process at Eniac with the hope that it will help them better understand our process and engender a discussion about how seed firms can best optimize their own process.

At Eniac, we are continuously iterating and improving how we process deals with the goal of increasing collaboration, reducing information asymmetry and making more informed decisions while optimizing for efficiency and speed. It is often said that the best venture outcomes are the ones where there were deeply opposing viewpoints and major dissent. Informed dissent is desirable but dissent based on information asymmetry is something we have worked to reduce.