At Eniac Ventures we lead seed rounds in bold founders who use code to create transformational companies. Armed with over 80 years of combined experience building our own companies, we are your active partners and consider ourselves a member of your founding team. Providing capital is just the first step when we lead your seed round we provide the industry’s most comprehensive support through our Eniac Platform and hands-on approach.


We Lead Seed Rounds in Bold Founders Who Use Code to Create Transformational Companies

Because the partners all have a strong technical background, we look for founders who not only have the vision, but also the chops to build the best products, and the grit required to power through the ups and downs. We generally look for companies we believe can take a monopolistic position in their market. We also have to believe the founder is uniquely positioned to exploit a highly attractive market in terms of competition, size, growth rate and timing.

The Eniac Platform

From the beginning, one of the keys to Eniac’s success has been taking a holistic approach to supporting our portfolio. With Eniac you get four partners for the price of one, and each partner uses their unique experience to open doors and advise our investments. The result has led to companies that consistently bring quality product to market, find follow-on investment and have a measurable impact across industries.

With each fund our approach has evolved and expanded to address the growing needs of our portfolio companies. We want our founders to focus on their product, so we created the Eniac Platform. Term sheets are just the first step, working with Eniac companies enjoy the following support:

  • Talent recruiter to find the best employees, especially in engineering
  • Public relations and marketing specialist on staff to help your product reach the audiences that matter from launch through growth
  • Operations resources to organize your staff and install best practices
  • Business development and networking opportunities with thousands of the top companies, investors, and brands
  • Connections to other founders in Eniac’s portfolio to explore synergies and opportunities
  • Fundraising support including pitch deck guidance, follow on investor strategy, and syndicate building


Although Eniac Ventures began investing in 2010, the roots trace back to four like-minded University of Pennsylvania students over two decades ago. After college, our partners set out on separate but parallel paths as serial entrepreneurs but maintained a strong bond and network of support. Today our combined 80 years of experience building over a dozen companies, and our belief in a strong community are at the heart and soul of our investment approach.